Mr. Complainy Post

So the fire alarm has been blaring for the past hour and a half, closing in on two hours now.

Before that started, I slept away most of the day. I guess I was tired.

When I woke up, I discovered that the price for the plane tickets I’d planned to purchase had just shot up. My coordinators still don’t seem too confident about when my break will be, though, so I’m not confident I should the buy tickets even if they were a good deal.

Oh, and now my Internet’s not working either. Wonderful.

Today has not been a great day for me. It’s Saturday, which would usually be a day of rest or fun or both together. But I’m in Saudi. Saturday is effectively a Monday here.

The weather’s been hot today, not blistering, because it was overcast, but hot like an oven. And the wind’s been insane. Combined with the dust and the sand and the pollution in the air, it’s right up there with some of the worst weather I’ve experienced. I could go for some rain right about now.

I missed talking with everyone online. I’m not sure I wanted to talk anyway.

My hair’s too long, but I’m too lazy to cut it right now. My beard’s crazy, but I want to make it through the end of my contract without cutting it.

Two of my friends resigned today. They’ll be out of here in a month. The upside, if I can really call it that, is that I thought I might be able to take over one of their sections instead of moving to a different school in a month. The downside is that I found out that’s not going to happen – they’re pretty sure I’m moving schools.

Ah, this fire alarm. Don’t they torture people like this? And I’m trying to decide if I should sign for another contract of this next year?

I’m tired, despite sleeping through a good part of the day. It’s hours past when I wanted to get to bed. That fire alarm, though, has kept me up. I could probably fall asleep with it still blasting at this point, but I can’t because while I was sleeping earlier, I was neglecting to wash clothes, clothes I need for work tomorrow morning. I need to wash them now, now.

I haven’t exercised in over a week.

I didn’t work on my secret project at all today – I slept instead.

I’m behind on Marshallogue. That’s a constant nag.

I’m trying to plan for my next trip, but with prices going up and my patience going down, I’m even sure I want to travel still. Maybe I could just go home for the summer.

But nope, can’t do that either. If I do, I’ll have to pay more than a couple thousand dollars in taxes next year, taxes I wouldn’t have to pay otherwise.

My thoughts are racing all over the place, banging through my head with the sound of this fire alarm. And to top it all off, I don’t even have the energy to finish this or the Internet to publish it. It’s going up late and bad and lackluster. Just one of them blaring days.