She sent me a message on Facebook, including a line in it that I still haven’t forgotten: “I admire that you accomplish the things you set out to accomplish.”

I didn’t agree. I couldn’t.  I wanted to tell her, “That’s just because you don’t see all the times I’ve gone for things but failed.

With that exchange in mind, this is the list of things I’ve failed, hence “the Failed list.” I’ll keep it updated as I add more to it, and adding more is a goal I’m actively aiming to achieve. For now…

When have I failed?

I failed to…

  1. Become a professional basketball player, dunk on a regulation rim, or make the game-winning shot when given the chance
  2. Complete 100 pushups in one set after attempting to work up to this, twice
  3. Keep a daily Marshallogue without interruption
  4. Become the “most marriable man” in 2010
  5. Accomplish any of my measurable goals for 2010
  6. CLEP out of any university courses, only even even attempting one (Chemistry)
  7. Pass my first college pop quiz in Spanish
  8. Create a sustainable business online in 2008-2010
  9. Find a job I liked in the United States right after graduating from college
  10. Set up a frequent flyer program while visiting my first 15 countries, missing out on multiple, paid, round-trip flight tickets
  11. Eat dog meat or (raw) horse meat while living in South Korea for over a year
  12. Bargain bungee jump
  13. Buy the ninja sword umbrella the first time I had the opportunity
  14. Raise $10,000 for my adoption fund in May, 2012
  15. Join Toastermasters after researching and decided it’s something I wanted to do and then sitting in the car outside as the meeting started, twice
  16. Write my memoir while living in South Korea for 13 months
  17. Correctly spell both my name and the word “teacher” on the whiteboard while being observed teaching a class for an ESL teaching credential
  18. Open a bank account that would allow me to receive international wire transfers for free with a good exchange rate policy… thus saving myself a couple thousand dollars over the course of my time in Saudi Arabia
  19. Learn Spanish in nine months (secret mission #3) while living in Saudi Arabia
  20. Complete the marathon I started
  21. Accumulate at least $20,000 in my Roth IRA by the time I turn 27
  22. Become General Manager at Sonitrol of Louisville
  23. Fail hard in the past

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