More bloggers should do this

Experiment with life. And then write case studies.

For example.

Some of my favorite articles ever fall into this life experiment / case study category: Steve Pavlina’s polyphasic sleeping posts, Benny the Irish polyglot’s language learning missionsA. J. Jacob’s article on radical honesty and any of his other stuff too.

Those are just a few examples. And I love ’em all.

Bloggers should be doing this more often. They should run with this like crazy. They should try all the ridiculous stuff and tell all about it. That’s what we want to learn about.

See, bloggers have the unique ability to pull this off.

  • They don’t have to worry about appealing to a wide audience, or trying to please an editor.
  • They can write about it in real time. And they can get feedback from readers in real time. It’s like a real reality show… in writing (or you could video blog it, which would be awesome too).
  • They’re all about personality. Straight up info can come from anywhere, but personal experience is where bloggers really shine. No one else can copy that.

I suppose a lot of people just aren’t interested in doing the experiments. That’s cool. But I think a lot of people would be interested in following the experiments, from a safe distance of course. So the people who are willing to do the experiments should take advantage of the opportunity.

And I’m one of them. I’m one of the ones willing to do the experiments.

So let’s do something. And by “let’s,” I mean, I’ll do the experiments and write about them, and you can follow along. Oh, and one other thing: I’d love for you to suggest ideas.

What kind of life experiments would you like me to try?

  • I’m interested in creative experiments, maybe things no one else has done. The more unique, the better.
  • Also, they’ll probably be more fun for everyone if they’re exciting enough to write about. Like me trying to count to one million probably wouldn’t work too well as a blog post or series.
  • Lastly, I’d appreciate ideas that aren’t expensive. Because I don’t have money for all this, and because if they work out well, I’d like other people to be able to imitate them without having to invest their life savings.

I should probably add a bunch of other “requirements,” but I won’t. I’d like to get all your ideas, and then I’ll just let you know if I won’t be able to try them out.

So what should I try? What would you like me to try? Any ideas?