Mood: Why I couldn’t recognize myself

I ventured back and reread some drafts I wrote months ago. A couple of them felt okay. Most felt plain bad. A few, though, just felt off.

The more I looked and reread those few that felt off, the more they interested me. At first, I just didn’t like them and thought that was because the voice wasn’t right. At first, I thought it was because those drafts didn’t sound like me.

The more I looked, though, the more I saw that they did sound like me, just somehow, still, off.

Then I realized why they felt that way. I think they felt that way because of their mood. They still sounded like me, the words I use, the phrases I repeat. They still sounded like something I might say. It’s just that they didn’t feel like something I would say right now.

It’s like I didn’t recognize myself because I couldn’t connect with how I felt when I wrote those posts.