Marshallogue is live.

Of course, it’s been here for a while. I just changed the name.

Actually, I didn’t even change the name. As you’ll notice up there (at least for now), the whole “Marshall Jones Jr.” bit is still there. For now, I’m not really changing the name… I’m adding one.

So now, finally, I can call this something: “Marshallogue.”

Until now, I’ve not really known what to call this. It was really weird saying, “Yeah, I wrote about such and such over at Marshall Jones Jr.” So most of the time, I had to qualify it, like “…over at the Marshall Jones Jr. blog.” Or I’d call it “Marshall Daily,” but that’s boring, and I didn’t want to make that official.

Now I can say, “Yeah, today at Marshallogue, I wrote about… Marshallogue. Thanks so much for reading.”