Welcome, welcome, welcome!

This is the new and improved (?) version of my site. Thanks for following me over here.

Probably the biggest difference for you is where to find me. This is no longer It’s now just (see, the “WordPress” part is missing). For now, I’m planning to leave the other site up, but I won’t update it anymore.

Because of the move, you’ll need to re-subscribe or visit here if you want to get updated.

Okay, now a little back story…

I started working on a version of this about two weeks ago. A week and a half into it, I ditched everything I’d done and started something new, which is why this is so stripped down.

My apologies for the dentist’s office you’re experiencing now (actually, I kind of like it). 🙂

Marshallogue’s always been my playground for writing. Now, I’m playing with the design too. But… I don’t know what I’m doing, just experimenting.

For you, that means you might show up here to a totally different looking site every once in a while. And other times, due to my lack of “working behind the scenes” skills, you might show up to no site at all.

Just a warning up front.

I’m a big believer in “anything worth doing is worth doing well enough.” I figure you can read the posts and all, and some of you – very few I imagine – might actually appreciate watching me goof around with the site design. Hence the reason I’m going live with this… because it’s well enough.

So a little about the new format:

  • Intro: This is where you can find out about me. It’s where my “Home” page, “About” page, “Start” page, and all that other “Me” stuff will be… including right now my contact info.
  • Log: This is the home of Marshallogue, where you can find the posts, subscription options, the new “Archives” page, and – coming soon – a “Best Of” page.
  • Outro: I’m planning to use this to highlight other projects I’m working on outside of Right now, though, it’s just sitting there looking pretty.

Each of those are clickable at the top of the site and have (or will have) drop-down menus as well. Hopefully this isn’t too confusing. I think that’s part of the fun of having a simple site: it’s fairly easy to find your way around.

Anyway, check it out, let me know what you think, get comfortable with it, and then get ready for it all to change.

Thanks so much.