Marshall: Most marriable man

“Most marriable man” is Marshall’s project for the year. Since this post, a number of other posts have following to explain and chronicle it in more detail.

Here’s my theme for 2010.

“Marriage preparation.”

Here’s the goal:

“Becoming the most marriable man (in the world, ever, in the history of the world, etc).”

Until now, it’s been a goal in the way distant future. I’ve thought about it, especially around certain people. I’ve even thought I’ve planned for it. But I’ve never really planned for it.

By “really planned for it,” I mean planned for it like I’m getting married next week – like, “You mean you don’t have a diamond ring yet?” urgency (whatever that means). I’ve definitely not charted out many action steps to get to that point. Until now, I’ve only set milestones that I’d like to achieve before getting married, but I’ve never set action steps to reach those milestones – not excruciatingly specific action steps anyway.

Hello, new decade – hello, action  steps.

I’ll try to keep you updated here as I go along. This is going to be amazing and intense and amazingly intense. If you know me, you know this goal’s like trying to lick your elbow. (You know you want to try it but are afraid to look stupid.)

One distinction I’d like to make up front… I’m not going to become the most eligible bachelor. That guy’s single but has a lot of dates. I’m going to become the most marriable man. That guy’s single and could have a lot of dates, but doesn’t because… oh yeah, he’s getting married next week: “You mean you don’t have a diamond ring yet?”

That guy’s Marshall Jones Jr. Welcome to “oh-ten.”