Marshall in six words (2nd edition)

Last March, I shared who I am, what I do, and what I want to accomplish… all in one brief statement. I’ve since updated it, so I thought I’d share the new edition:

I remind friends to encourage others.

Simple, but here’s little about why I’ve chosen these particular words:

  • Remind because we don’t need new info – we need reminders of what we already know. I’m like a yellow, sticky note.
  • Friends because they care enough to pay attention. I don’t worry about the crowd.
  • Encourage because it’s how we give and receive courage, and because it’s really all anyone needs now.
  • Others because the best way to get anything is to give it, but most people don’t get that.

I’m unbelievably blessed and insanely thankful for it. So far, this is the best way I know to respond… or at least the best way I know to put that response into one short statement.