Marriable body language?

How does the most marriable man stand? How does he sit? How does he shake a woman’s hand – or does he at all?

Body language is insanely influencial. The way you carry yourself conveys more about you than you might imagine. By slouching one way, you look like a slob – by slouching another, you look in control.

This is something I’ve been exploring and thinking about lately. I love it because it’s something I can try immediately. Working to build a body language habit takes a lot of practice, but trying something for a moment only takes… a moment.

Before I start talking about what I’ve noticed, though, I thought I’d ask you:

What’s the body language of the most marriable man?

It’s a difficult question. Often we don’t even realize what makes someone look a certain way and someone else look a different way. What’s even more amazing is that the appearance transfers directly to feelings. We feel a certain way about someone directly because of how someone moves.

In a way then, answering this question is first about pinpointing how certain people make us feel about them. Only from there can we pinpoint which specific behaviors make us feel which way.

It’s a challenge, but what do you think? What’s the body language of the most marriable man?