Manama, Bahrain

Manama is supposedly the city we’re in, but the whole country of Bahrain kind of feels like one big city to me. Maybe I haven’t gotten out enough yet.

I just landed here on my way to Saudi Arabia. Bahrain is one of those countries no one’s heard of, unless you live in Saudi Arabia, I guess, and want a break from the strict life there. Otherwise, it’s just kind of out here in the Persian Gulf, acting like a country, except it really is.

It’s my first taste of the Middle East. My first impression is that lots of people speak English here since lots of them are from the Philippines or India. It also doesn’t feel nearly as different as I expected. Perhaps I hedged my expectations on purpose, but to me it seems pretty similar to other western cities, just with more people running around in thawbs.

Other than just feeling exotic because I know this is the Middle East, the city and country shouldn’t feel all that exciting. But because I know where I am and what I’m planning to do and because I have friends here now, I’m excited like crazy.