“Loved, they want to be” – My new song

This morning, I woke up thinking, I’m not going to post that. But of course since I thought that, I knew I had to do it.

See, I haven’t tweaked any of my songs, much less written anything new, in at least two years. But last night, I sat down and wrote one out, almost in one shot.

I’ve done this enough and certainly written enough prose to know that first drafts are garbage. Especially with songs, I’ll probably continue changing it for a long time.

But fear is a signal. At least for me, it means you better do whatever it is you’re afraid of… otherwise, you won’t. <<Brilliant logic, right?

Anyway, as with any song, this has a bunch of subtle meanings for me. In general, though, it’s about friends, especially on Facebook, who try so hard for attention but for whatever reason rarely get it.

Here it is as it is now. In print form.

Loved, they want to be

Look into the eyes
Of her Facebook profile picture
Staring out at you
Through fake curls in her hair

She just wants to be loved
She just wants to be loved

He’s the kind of guy
Who no one really thinks about at night
The status on his wall
Sits weeks before his mom gets on and likes it

He just wants to be loved
He just wants to be loved

She never sees him
She’s just a photo on a screen (in a stream)
He never hears her
He’s the same

Loved, they want to be…
Loved, they want to be…
Loved, they want to be loved

Look into the eyes
Of their Facebook profile pictures


For those who care (mostly me so I don’t forget how I play the thing), here are the basic chords. I’m using that vertical line thing – I’m not sure what it’s actually called – to indicate each measure.

Also, you could probably play this in Em instead, and it would work out better if you wanted to keep it mostly in first-position on guitar.

Fm | Cm | Bb2 | Bb2 C#2 |
Fm | Cm | Bb2 | Fm |

Cm | Cm | C#2 | C#2 |

Bb2 | Fm | G# | G# |
D# | Cm Bb2 Fm | (Fm) |

D# | G# | Cm | Fm |

Fm | Cm | Bb2 |

For the people who keep drummers on track, I was playing it at around 120-125 BPM.