Love is NOT an action

On Facebook, Dru Longhofer asked a good question:

“Can ‘love’ ever be used as a noun? Meaning, when is ‘love’ without actions? What do you think?”

As you might remember, I wrote about this in what turned out to be one of my first, traffic-spiking posts: Love is a noun.

When I read Dru’s status yesterday, though, I started writing a reply. Once it got too long, it ended up here…

Can ‘love’ ever be used as a noun?

Yes, it’s usually used as a noun. When it’s not a noun, it’s a kind of ‘being’ verb, not an action verb.

Love should often have action attached to it, but the action itself isn’t love. The action is the result of love.

When is love without actions?

Think of someone you love right now. Is that an action or a state of being?

In my case, I love my sister… all the time. But I’m not really acting on that love right at this moment… and definitely not all the time. It’s a state of being, not an action.

Love, in the best sense, means “when action is required, I’ll act.”

What do you think?

I think love defined as a action is why love seems so conditional.

But what do YOU think?