Looking over the last month (in Asia)

Crazy. Just crazy.

Five countries. Four weeks. Three short sentences, two that sound kind of impressive.

Just looking through the posts here, I see that I started this month talking about Laos and ended it back in America. Between that time, I traveled back down to Bangkok and then across to Siem Reap, got stranded on Koh Chang, made it back to Bangkok again, and finally returned to Seoul for a wedding and about a week’s worth of insanity (with a total of about two nights worth of sleep).

If that’s not enough, this month I also decided to go ahead and announce my plans for next year too, the plans to move to Arabia.

And the posts don’t even tell the whole story. They couldn’t. I couldn’t through them. They’re too scattered and too public.

It hit me today that I should write a memoir just about what happened this month. Or maybe I could expand it to include my whole trip in Bangkok, five or so weeks total.

But that’s getting ahead of myself. Mostly I’m just amazed at the amazingness of this past month. Seriously, I’ve been all over the place, and not just geographically. Friends, experiences, emotions – it’s been a roller coaster.

But I’m pulling into the terminal now. The ride’s slowing now, stopping now. For now.