Looking for the exit

I only have maybe a year of this left in me, maybe not even that.

A friend and I were talking recently about our plans for the future. He’s a teacher, same as me, but we think differently. One difference that became clear the more we shared is that he doesn’t mind living abroad permanently whereas I’m more interested in moving back to America and settling down.

This isn’t new, something I just discovered now that I’m here. I knew this before I signed up for Saudi, before Korea even.

I want to buy my own bed sheets, hang my own art on the walls, host my own parties for friends I’ve known longer than a contract. I’m looking forward to that, even while remaining content here now. I still love traveling, and I probably always will, but I know this isn’t what I want to be doing forever.

My friend is looking for the next job. I’m looking for the exit.