Long walks, long meals: Recipe for happiness

Many of the happiest people in the world seem to share two habits: long walks alone and long meals with friends. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

It makes sense to me. I like long walks, and I like long meals. While other things certainly make me happy, I can easily plan for these two. And the happiest people do that. They make long walks and long meals part of their weekly activities.

What strikes me is how simple these are. Seriously, they hardly cost anything. You just need some planning, some preparation, and – perhaps most of all – some time.

Forget the movies. Forget the mall. Forget the thrills and adventure and romance and excitement. Just walk, and reflect. Just eat, and enjoy the company.

If happiness is what you’re after, perhaps it’s not that hard to find.

(Or maybe long walks and long meals don’t create happy people. Maybe happy people create long walks and long meals.)