Locked out: An interesting night in Seoul

Earlier, I realized that telling this whole story is too long. So here’s the bare bones version:
  1. I got locked out of my house late at night. The number pad wouldn’t work.
  2. I called the phone numbers I knew. One finally went through.
  3. I walked to a convenient store. A worker talked with my friend in Korean.
  4. I heard beeping on my phone. The phone died because the prepaid minutes ran out.
  5. I got the worker to call back with the store phone. He wrote down my friend’s address in Korean.
  6. I hailed a taxi. The taxi driver drove me around for a while before letting me off at a fork in the road.
  7. I didn’t know where I was. My friend called my phone.
  8. I answered because I could evidently still receive calls. My friend said the taxi driver had just dumped me somewhere.
  9. I found another taxi. My friend spoke with him on the phone.
  10. I rode in the taxi for a while until the taxi started honking. The driver let me out across the street from my friend’s apartment where I was able to spend the night.

Three lessons:

  1. Figure out how to change the batteries in your lock before you need to.
  2. Buy extra minutes for your phone before you need to.
  3. Learn the way to a friend’s house before you need to.

But the biggest lesson is, don’t worry about it. It works out, even when nothing seems to.