Living as though you’re leaving

Alisha landed in Korea a week ago. This is her second country in a list of six. She started in Japan in January and plans to live in a different country each month for five more months: South Korea, India, Egypt, South Africa, and lastly Botswana.

With the rapid trip plan, she’s definitely living right now as though she’s leaving.

I’ve noticed a similar pattern in my own habits and thoughts after I realized I probably won’t be in Korea much longer, less than half a year. I like the feeling now, but it doesn’t always feel great.

Like right before I left for Korea, I remember feeling the weight of the move start to settle on me. I wasn’t worried about Korea – I was worried about leaving Kentucky. Saying goodbye is usually the hard part.

It’s definitely a change from when you have no plans to leave.¬†For example, the pros of living as though you’re leaving:

  • Stronger motivation to train others
  • Urgency to do things now
  • Emphasis on enjoying the present experience instead of looking ahead into the future
  • Feels more adventurous
  • More hopeful

On the other hand, though, some cons of living as though you’re leaving:

  • Scarier in the sense that you might not know what’s next exactly
  • Less commitment
  • Feels less grounded sometimes
  • Loneliness, a big one but it can also feel lonely when you know you’re not leaving for a while
It’s hard to say how the experience feels for Alisha. From what I can tell, though, the pros outweigh the cons. I like how living this way changes life. Welcome to urgency.