Listening through the Bible [EXPERIMENT] – Day 2

One of the challenges unique to listening through the Bible in a month, at least compared to other experiments, is that I want this one to be more than just a goal to achieve. I always want these experiments to end up being more than just a goal to achieve, but with other experiments, I still feel accomplished even if nothing else comes of it. Listening through the Bible is different.

I want to learn from the Bible. I want to understand what it says in a deeper way. I’d like to live differently as a result of what I hear.

With listening, though, it’s easy for the sound to disappear into the background. It’s easy to open yet another tab online and get distracted reading. I sometimes get this urge to write or facebook while I’m supposedly listening.

In order to learn from this, in order to understand what the Bible actually says and live differently as a result, I have to hear it. That’s the verse that caught my attention in the first place: “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

I’ve got to hear it, not just run the audio all the way through it.