Listening through the Bible [EXPERIMENT] – Day 15

After a rip-roaring start, my project to listen through the Bible in a month has slowed. I’d like to take a look here at how and possibly why that happened.

  • I got a little too far ahead. I created too much margin. I got cocky. The challenge of it slipped away, so I got passive.
  • I started a post with some notes – thoughts – from what I’ve been listening to. Because that’s always been open in my browser, I haven’t been thinking so much about needing to post about the experiment. And since I haven’t been thinking so much about posting about it, it hasn’t been as tight a priority. Sad but true.
  • I also started to feel like I was doing it just to get through it. That’s a really bad motive for getting through the Bible. Sometimes, it’s what needs to be done, so it’s the only motive around. When I can, though, I like to shoot for other reasons. I slowed because I wanted to wait for those other motives to catch up.

That’s pretty much it. I don’t have any great excuses. I got lazy. I slowed. I’m not behind yet, though, thanks to the strong start, so I’m hoping to still finish a little early. I’m still enjoying it, even if I am moving a little less quickly.