Limes are amazing. Limes are surprisingly good. Limes are green.

  • Squeeze them onto food, and the food usually tastes better… even if it’s really good food (an exception might be cereal).
  • Squeeze them into water, and you’ve made my “cheap dining” day.
  • Squeeze them into Coca-Cola, and you’re created the best soft drink… ever.

Limes are not lemons. My favorite color is yellow, but that doesn’t mean I automatically want lemons. I want limes. They say, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” They say that because we don’t wants lemons. We want limes.

Limes are monosyllabic. “Limes” rhymes with “rhymes.” Limes, limes, limes. Fun to say three times!

Limes originated in the Himalayas. Got you with that, didn’t I? You thought you were going to get through this whole thing without learning anything new, didn’t you?

Yep, limes are amazing… surprisingly good.

P. S. My dad’s birthday is today. He likes limes.