Let’s bring back the fanny pack

Remember these?

Yes, these:

Let’s bring them back.

Before my sister even started picking her own clothes, I talked with my brothers about how she would grow up with skinny jeans. She would say that flair jeans are old school, but she’d say it some other way because “old school” would be out of style too.

And what do you know? Now skinny jeans rock.

While college students still wore hoodies, I admired Mr. Rogers cardigans. Now, cardigans are amazing, and everyone knows it. Okay, so maybe I’m the only one who thinks that.

Still, it’s fun to call upcoming fashions and trends before they hit. So I’m calling fanny packs.

I’ll say 2011. That’s when they’ll hit the mainstream. Right now, I think some fashion designers are trying to get them to fly, but they’re just not catching, at least in the USA. They almost seem like a fad that will not quite make it back.

But they will return because they’re so practical. Practical is geek style, I know. But necessity is the mother of invention. (Someone said so.) When an accessory is that amazing, that life changing (imagine having two extra hands wherever you go), it will come back, albeit in an updated style.

I hate carrying my phone, keys, and money clip (slimmer than a wallet) in my pockets all the time. A fanny pack would solve this problem. Plus, I could start carrying other cool stuff, like a decent camera, a notepad, or a handgun. Maybe I secretly want a purse.

Think I’m crazy? I’m not the first to notice the trend. Google it.

I call 2011 because I’ll start wearing one in a couple months (when I find one that’s amazing). It’ll then take about a year for the funness of the fanny pack to spread.

One more thing: it won’t be called a fanny pack. Designers will try to trick us into thinking they’re new. And the young crowd will buy it.

But I won’t. Face it – it isn’t back unless it’s called a “fanny pack.”