Last day in Saudi?

There’s a chance this could be my last day in Saudi Arabia. Depending on whether or not students need to retake an exam or need scores changed or something, I might be able to leave this afternoon. This could be the last post I publish from the KSA.

I’m not packed yet. My place is kind of a wreck right now. I still need to stow some things away, and I still need to clean a bit. I might not have time for any of that, though, because I might have to leave in one of the taxis that leaves right after work. In that case, I’ll just throw my remaining clothes into this giant, polka dot, purse-like bag and be off.

It still hasn’t hit me. I’ve been saying this now for a couple days, but it still hasn’t. It still doesn’t feel like I’m leaving, like I’m going to be back in Kentucky within a week. I wonder when it will.

No roller coaster feelings yet. Right now, frankly, I sort of just feel the same as usual.