Kids in my marriage – Part 1

What do I think of them – what are my thoughts specifically regarding my own marriage?

I have two responses:

  1. I don’t like them.
  2. I want eight of my own… and I want to adopt.

Take your pick which response you want, and I’ll probably give the opposite.

On the one hand, I’m not romanced by kids. They don’t seem all fun and games… or maybe they do, and that’s the problem. Thing is, they seem like a lot of work for the few moments where I actually think, “Wow, kids are amazing – I’d die for them.”

On the two hand… well, I’m not sure. I’m not sure why I want eight kids.

  • Perhaps it’s because my fondest memories involve my family, which I wouldn’t have experienced if my parents had gone the “without kids” route.
  • Perhaps it’s because I genuinely measure wealth in terms of family structure and dynamics… because I want my greatest legacy to be my family.
  • Perhaps it’s because I have a non-conformist attitude… and eight kids (some adopted) is unconventional in my culture.
  • Perhaps it’s just because I know one of the secrets of winning the heart of a woman… yeah, whatever. That’s for another post.

I could go either way, but I think I totally tend toward having children and not waiting.

I’ve thought about the whole “waiting once we get married” deal, and you know, I’m not convinced.

So there it is. Those are my thoughts on having kids once I marry. Part 1 anyway.