JLS – We’ll pick you up

So I’m walking to work, actually walking to a bus stop, when I see a JLS bus pulling a U-turn right in front of me. I walk past only to hear my name called from behind me.

They ask me, in Korean of course, if I’d like a ride to the academy. Okie dokie.

As other students get on the bus at the various stops along the way, they freeze for a moment when they see me sitting in the back. Yeah, that’s right: English class starts early for you.

But not really. I don’t say anything. I just listen to the Korean conversations, trying to pick out what they care about. Nintendo DS and homework seem like popular subjects.

I’m sure I could guesstimate the schedule and hitch a ride more often if I wanted, but I don’t think I’ll camp out for the bus in the future. I didn’t feel particularly comfortable riding with the students though. I felt like a teacher, like I shouldn’t be in the same bus with them.

But I still enjoyed the ride. I’m glad they called me.