I've never been camping

I’ve stayed in cabins on campgrounds, and I’ve spent the night in tents in my backyard, but I’ve never put the two together. I’ve never stayed in a tent at a campground. I’ve never actually camped.

But that’s what I’m doing this weekend.

Two of my brothers, Dru, a friend from church and his son, and I are headed to Red River Gorge. I’ve lived in Louisville since 1992, but I’ve never been to that park before. Supposedly, it’s about two hours away by car.

Part of Red River Gorge includes the Natural Bridge, which actually looks like this.

But strangely, if you visit the main site for Red River Gorge, you get this picture instead. Check it out in context here.

But yeah, that’s where I’m heading… for my first camping trip.

Actually, I hope I don’t trip. :>)