It’s okay to kick away the ladder

You don’t drink breast milk anymore. And there are tons of other things that were once good for you, even best for you, but probably aren’t anymore.

That’s okay.

In my philosophy classes, we constantly discovered cases where philosophers seemed to contradict with their conclusions the very principles that laid the foundation for those conclusions.

One of my professors once explained this as “kicking away the ladder.” He said that sometimes people use a ladder to climb to a roof. Once they’re on top, though, they kick it away, denying its usefulness.

That’s not okay, the denial anyway.

In a few years, you’ll look back and realize that the stuff that’s good for you at this point in your life won’t be good for you then.

  • Maybe you’ll realize that setting a strict schedule sucks your contentment.
  • Maybe you’ll decide to get married, even though that would be a bad decision for you now.
  • Maybe you’ll quit running marathons, with no regrets.

Circumstances change. You can move on. Just don’t pretend those things that were once good for you, were never good for you.

It’s okay to kick away the ladder, just don’t forget you climbed it. Don’t forget the milk helped you grow.