Introversion and extroversion – Take #2

Yesterday, I wrote about introversion and extroversion and told you at the end that I was wrong about what I’d written. Here are my revised thoughts/definitions (in roughly the same format as the first post so you can compare them):

The definitions of introversion and extroversion don’t have anything to do with how many words we say. They have to do with how we lose our energy.

  • Introverted means a person loses energy socializing.
  • Extroverted means a person loses energy in solitude.

Introverts, because they lose energy socializing, are often shy as a result. They’re shy because the more outgoing they are, the more energy they lose.

On the other hand, extroverts, because they lose energy in solitude, are often outgoing as a result. They’re outgoing because the shyer they are, the more energy they lose.

The difference between today and yesterday is that yesterday I said it’s about how we gain energy but today I’m saying it’s about how we lose energy. Today, I’m saying you can gauge whether you’re introverted or extroverted based on what drains your energy.

I think that’s a more accurate measure. But what do you think?