Inspiring others to care

Teachers, the good ones, the ones who actually teach, inspire others to care.

English teachers can know the language. They can know the grammar points, the idioms, the voice inflections. They can know all that and still not teach because they can’t inspire their students to care about the subject.

Same with Bible teachers. They can know the doctrines, the key verses that establish those doctrines, and the original languages of those key verses. But if they can’t inspire anyone to care about it, they can’t teach.

The same is also true with friends. They can be teachers too, some of the best kind. Or not. They can be all nerdy, know all the trivia, give the greatest advice, and share it liberally. But again, if they can’t inspire others to care about any of it, they can’t teach.

It’s sad: all that knowledge, and no one cares, literally.

That’s why I want to be a teacher. I want to inspire others to care about things I think are important.