Inspiration is perishable

Jason Fried said that.

I’m just repeating it.

If you have an idea and you’re inspired to do something with it, do it now. Because that inspiration won’t last… even if it’s something worthwhile and important.

Just over the past couple months, I’ve had ideas to write posts, publish ebooks, work on projects for other people, start small businesses, and so on. Some I’ve started. Some I haven’t. Some I’ve continued. Some I haven’t. But I’m pretty sure I’ll never return to them again.

Because I just won’t ever have that drive to do them again, at least not as badly as I originally did. Too bad too… there were some good ideas in there. No need to regret. I’ll just have to remember to do something next time.

Maybe that’s why I’m repeating this reminder:

Inspiration is perishable.