In Korea, in Thailand, in…

In Korea, they told me this would happen. In Thailand, I felt it happening. Back in America now, I’m wondering how to slow it from happening, or at least have it happen the best way possible if it must happen at all.

They told me I’d start saying, “In Korea…”

They told me after a while, not even that long of a while, it would annoy friends and family back home.

They told me, warned me, and here it is still happening.

It’s so hard. Korea, Thailand, Asia in general – it’s what I’ve known for the past 15 months. Most of the stories I have in recent memory happened, well, in Korea or in Thailand or in…

One way to get out of this is to just tell the story without referencing where it happened. This doesn’t always work, like I can’t tell about my experience eating a squirming octopus without mentioning that it happened in Korea. On the other hand, though, I can tell the story of how my friends and I stayed the night at a coffee shop playing cards.

The other option is to just stop referencing back. I’m not sure I like that option, though, especially since one of the best parts about traveling and living abroad is that I now have the stories to tell from the trip.

I think the main thing is just to be aware of it happening, and aware that no one here really cares about these other countries the way I do.