I’m writing for now – Part 2

This December, over the past few months in fact, I’ve been especially intrigued by Ev Bogue‘s emphasis on telling from experience instead of hyping his content. He hasn’t always been about this – it’s a new thing for me.

Instead of talking about what’s going to happen, what he’s going to do, he tries write only about what he’s already experienced or – better yet – what he’s currently experiencing. Instead of making up theories, he says he’s trying to tell what he knows.

Whether he succeeds with that or not is perhaps a different question. What interests me is the claim: telling what he’s doing now, not what he’s going to do.

I’ve picked this up big time with my secret mission. Instead of telling you what I’m planning to do by May of next year, I’m just living it out. When May comes, if I complete it, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, whatever.

Same with my stay in Korea. I’ve been here seven months now. It’s about time to make a final decision on whether or not I’m going to renew my contract or go home for a month and then come back or go home for good or whatever.

Friends ask fairly often. “So, you think you’ll stay another year?”

“We’ll see,” I say.

In part 1, I said I’m just writing for now, not switching the site’s design. That doesn’t mean it’ll stay the same forever. That doesn’t even mean it’ll stay the same for the next month. I meant that for now – for right now – I’m just writing.

When I change, I’ll change.

For now, I’m writing in plain text about what I do every day, right now in the month of December. For now, I’m trying to concentrate on staying present, looking forward and making plans, remembering backward and making corrections, but sharing only what’s happening today.

For now, I’m writing for now, not the past or the future.