I’m visiting Alaska

I suppose I could have mentioned this ahead of time, but since I knew I probably wouldn’t have much else to share today, I decided to put off the announcement until now. So – yippity you! – I’m flying to Alaska today.

Ever since I started coloring a map with all the States I’ve visited, I’ve wanted to step into all 50 States. I’m over halfway to reaching that goal now, but I’d like to finish it by the time I’m 30.

Alaska is a big one on the list. It’s by far the largest State. The big part, though, for this list is that it’s so out of the way. It’s not like I’ll just happen to catch it on my way to some other State. Knocking it off now will go a long way in moving me toward knocking out all of them.

So yeah, it’s a good one. I’m looking forward to it. The thankfulness continues.