I’m retired (and some thoughts on retirement)

Technically, as far as Korea is concerned, I’m retired. I stopped by the pension office before I left and everything. That was a good day. Still, as far as everyone else is concerned, I guess I’m just getting started (working, not retiring).

What I like, though, apart from the retirement checks and the time off for now, is the feeling of this retirement. I like the state of being between jobs, between chapters. I like the idea of planning more of these in the future, more breaks, more hard resets.

Maybe they won’t be so close together. A year’s pretty short. But I definitely like this structure better than the traditional concept of retirement, a once in a lifetime ordeal. I’m not sure I like that concept at all, actually.

I much prefer the idea of staying active and staying rested throughout my life instead of one or the other with a big switch in my 60’s. But we’ll see – maybe I’ll have changed my mind by then.