I’m pro-marriage – Part 1

Over the past three months, three separate people have commented on my stance against marriage. One person I know really well. One I know fairly well. And one I don’t know at all – she just emailed after finding me in a search online.

In each case, though, the comments (sometimes posed as a question) came with the embedded assumption that I either don’t like marriage as a whole or it’s just not for me personally (or, maybe not put quite that strongly, might not for me).

I know some of my past posts have hinted or strongly implied that I was hesitant to pursue marriage. I know I even wrote at least one post about why guys in particular often don’t feel ready for marriage or don’t see the need for it. I can see how someone could get the impression that I’m against marriage.

So, let me set the record straight: I’m pro-marriage.

  1. I’m pro-marriage in the sense that I believe it is (or should be) a core part of any society and when marriages break down, other parts of society follow.
  2. I’m pro-marriage in the sense that I believe in general people should pursue marriage and, almost without exception, should work to keep it vibrant and healthy once they’re married.
  3. I’m pro-marriage in the sense that I want to pursue it personally as well, not just as some nebulous social good for other people.

Hopefully, that clarifies things a bit, for anyone who wanted to know.