I’m not really good at…

Let’s just get some of these out there in the open…

  • I’m not really good at doing projects around the house, like building stuff, putting up shelves, stuff like that.
  • I’m not really good at doing stuff repeatedly, like recurring items that don’t seem like they build on one another.
  • I’m not really good at doing things 100% accurately. I usually have mistakes in my work, and it’s not because I’m super quick either. I’m just not great at being 100%.
  • I’m not really good at doing things after work, especially once I sit down. I’m mentally tired and, at least right now, don’t have a great habit of jumping right into a new project immediately.
  • I’m not really good at spending quality time with my family. This one kind of hurts harder than the others. Because I genuinely enjoy – it’s not that I don’t. It’s that I have to work at it, specifically set it as something I need/must do. It doesn’t just come naturally to me.
  • I’m not really good at doing things quickly without a deadline. I tend to get bogged down spider-webbing out on tangents (weird mixed metaphor there).

That’s kind of it for now. I’m sure there are a bunch of others. These are the ones on my mind right now.

Hopefully, I can learn something from these.

Also, I’d like someone else to help with these. I mean, what else am I not really good at?