I’m back

Roughly 35 hours after I left for the airport in Korea, I landed in Louisville, Kentucky. I’m ridiculously tired and still a little sick. But still, I’m less tired and less sick than I was yesterday.

I generally like traveling. This trip, though, tested that a bit. I guess I still liked the traveling part, just not the delays and my lack of energy and health.

As it turned out, they delayed all three of my flights, the first by over six hours. This meant all my flights had to be rescheduled from the start, which added an extra bunch of time to the overall trip right from the start. And they didn’t even throw in a hotel or anything because my delays occurred during the “day,” local time.

Normally, this wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing, since I do love traveling and sleeping in airports. In this case, though, I didn’t feel well and part of the reason I was trying to get back was to see my mom on her birthday.

Still, I’m back now. New chapter. Hello, Louisville.