If you give a Zach a pillow…

Inspired by Laura Numeroff and Zach Jones

If you give a Zach a pillow, he’ll probably try to hit you with it. So you’ll have to defend yourself.

If he’s able to hit you, though, you’ll definitely have to tickle him.

When you tickle him, Zach will giggle and giggle and giggle… until he’s screaming.

As you know, once a Zach starts screaming, you better calm him down quickly. Try offering to read him a book.

If you offer to read him a book, he’ll say, “Suuuuure,” and snuggle in next to you on the couch.

If he snuggles in next to you on the couch, you’ll end up having to read him another book. And another. And another.

After reading three or four books on a cozy couch, you’ll start feeling sleepy.

If you’re sleepy, you’ll have to stop reading. Stopping might even remind Zach that he’s tired too, so you’ll both lay down on the couch together.

Right as you’re beginning to feel comfortable, Zach will realize this is about to turn into a nap.

So he’ll ask you for a pillow.

And if you give a Zach a pillow, chances are he’ll forget all about being sleepy and try to hit you with it instead…