If Marshall could explain "marriable"…

Last week, I posted on facebook about the post “Marshall: Most marriable man.” To everyone who commented, thank you. One of the comments in particular asked how I define “marriable.” After all, It’s not in the dictionary, so that’s not much help.

I’ll start off with a confession: I can’t explain “marriable.” If I could explain it, I’d be oh-so-much closer to being marriable. Perhaps that’s a problem. What do you think – is it a problem to not know my target?

If I could explain marriable, I’d say that admitting weaknesses helps with marriableness. So just by denying I have any idea what it means, I’m getting closer to it. After all, denial is the first sign of an addiction.

If I could explain marriable, I’d say it has something to do with marriage. And being able to be married. What do you think?

If I had to guess, I’d say you’re marriable when someone decides to marry you. Like the price of antiques, it only really matters if someone’s willing to go for it

It’s all about perception. It’s about reputation. You’re marriable when others say you’re marriable… and when they’re willing to commit to that belief, not just say, “Oh yeah, he’s marriable, but I wouldn’t let him near my sister/my daughter/the Queen of Sheiba.”

That’s the explanation I’m going with.

But hark, I can’t really explain marriable. If I could explain it, I’d be married.