Idea production overload

I’ve talked about option overload before on my other blog. I’d like to now talk about a more specific version of option overload: idea production overload.

I have so many ideas, it’s insane. I have ideas to create things, to try things, even to write things on this blog. Just now, I went through six different post ideas. Trouble is, I can’t actually follow through with all of them. I can’t write six posts right now.

Having so many ideas even leads to option paralysis. Not cool.

Which brings up a question: what’s the opposite extreme of boredom. I used to think the opposite of boredom was excitement. And I love excitement. But I think there’s an even extremer side. A side that goes beyond excitement into something that’s equally as bad as boredom.

(Or maybe it’s not equally as bad – just bad. Even excitement should be taken in moderation… maybe.)

So what would that be? What does having too much excitement, too many ideas do? What’s that called? ‘Cause I’m way more on that side than on the other boredom side.