Idea Machine [EXPERIMENT] – Day 1

James Altucher writes about becoming an Idea Machine in his books.

He recommends writing down 10 ideas on a waiter’s pad each day. They don’t have to be good ideas. The point is just to get in the habit of coming up with ideas. In fact, it’s better to start with bad ideas to get the process flowing.

I’d like to give this a shot here.

To start, today’s list will be 10 ideas for Idea Machine lists:

  1. 10 ideas for becoming a better father
  2. 10 ideas for getting back into blogging each day
  3. 10 ideas for promoting Hunchback Whale BEFORE we release our CD
  4. 10 ideas for developing leads that don’t involve cold calling
  5. 10 ideas for better family habits in 2016
  6. 10 ideas for speeches I could give at Toastmasters
  7. 10 ideas for making money on the side
  8. 10 ideas for BEFORE-work routines
  9. 10 ideas for weekend fun this year
  10. 10 ideas for growing Sonitrol this year

In the coming lists, I’ll likely flesh out the ideas more than I do here. Or maybe not.

We’ll see.