I still love to travel

Louisville to Chicago to Minneapolis to Seattle to Ketchikan to Juneau. That’s how I traveled. Then I stayed in Juneau for about a week.

Juneau to Seattle to Chicago to Louisville. It sounds shorter, except that I had a layover in Seattle from 11:30pm until 8:35am, and then after waiting about three hours for my flight in Chicago, that flight got canceled, and I had to stay the night, waiting for another flight at to leave at 7:45am, which also got delayed about an hour.

Thing is, I still love it.

I love that I got to take off and land nine times total. I love that the turbulence landing in Juneau felt crazy. I love that I chewed gum to keep my ears from getting all pressure tight. I love that I got to stay in a hotel in Chicago for free and got to spend airport money vouchers on airport food and then even give away some of the vouchers before I left.

I loved watching people traveling. Some of them seemed happy to take photos of each other just standing in an airport. Others tried hard to ignore everyone around them, intent on finishing their Sudokus. I loved chatting with the strangers next to me. I loved staying quiet next to others.

This recent vacation lasted about 245 hours altogether. A full 45 of those hours went into the return trip alone. But I still loved it.

I still love to travel.