I finished two B. A. degrees two days before turning 20

Yes, I actually did that. I finished my last class assignment two days before my 20th birthday.

I now have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Indiana University – Southeast. I had an A- GPA (because straight-A students aren’t risky enough), and I think I graduated with “distinction” and won some other award or something, but I won’t go into that now.

I thought it was impressive at the time, until I heard about another guy who finished his doctorate by that age. Whatever. I think most people could do at least what I did – it’s just a matter of setting yourself up for it… and not being afraid.

That’s what I’m going to talk about.

On and off for the next couple weeks, I’m going to share what I did and what I learned. Right now, I don’t know the order or how many posts this will take. I’m just going to write what I know until I don’t have anything else I want to say about the topic.

I’ve actually wanted to bundle this in an ebook, but I’m not motivated enough to take on a project like that for this topic. Hopefully taking it a piece at a time will make it easier for me to get it all out (and maybe easier for you to read).

Here’s what’s available so far…

My college experience and best advice