I always think I'm right – so do you

You might have heard me say this before, so I thought I’d go ahead and say it here.

“I always think I’m right.”

Most people would assume it’s pretty arrogant of me to think that. But check it out – I’d say the same about you: you always think you’re right too.

If you thought you were wrong, you’d change your mind. And once you changed your mind, you’d think you’re right.

That’s why you always think you’re right. And it’s why I always think I’m right.

We might look at past decisions and realize we were wrong, but in the moment of the decision, you and I always think we’re right.

This isn’t just a description, as though this is the way it is but we should change. No, this is how we’re supposed to think: we’re supposed to think we’re always right.

The sooner you and I accept this, the sooner we can move to working on the real issue: making sure we’re actually always right, not just thinking it.