How to up your amazingness scale in the morning (if you're still struggling)

I had trouble getting up this morning. Know the feeling? But now that I’m up and the day’s moving along, I’m lovin’ it. I even wrote a post about how much my thankfulness inspires me.

So why did I have trouble getting up? According to the amazingness test, I’m not living an amazing life right now. But I still feel I am.

I think my problem right now is that the first thing I do in the morning isn’t amazing. Yes, my life as a whole is amazing, but the first task of the day isn’t… at least right now.

So take this as an amendment to my earlier post about checking your amazingness scale: if the rest of your life is amazing, you can still avoid getting up in the morning because the first task of the day is not amazing.

That first task matters so much. When you’re lying in that state between wakefulness and sleep, you’re not too conscious of the rest of the day. Mostly you’re just thinking of the immediate effect of getting up. Make that immediate effect amazing. Plan it the night before. It’ll go a long way in upping your amazingness scale.