How to come up with too many post ideas

I thought of this one as I was stepping into my car. After the drive, I grabbed a napkin and quickly wrote this out on it… because I had a pen but no paper.

Anyway, the question is, how can you come up with more post ideas? And my answer is, think about it all the time.

I don’t mean during your workday or during your lunch break or while you’re chillin’ over the weekend – I mean all the time.

I seriously think about my blog every minute I’m awake. Strangely, I’ve never had a blogging dream – but I have blogged about my dreams because I started thinking about blogging as soon as I woke.

I guess I’m with Gary Vaynerchuk on this. If you can think of a totally productive way to do this that doesn’t require constant focus, fantastic. But don’t go complaining about not knowing what to write unless you’ve already spent you’re life focusing on it.

Oh, and another tip: carry paper or a voice recorder. This napkin’s not cool.