How to accomplish crazy-big goals (faster)

Set the goal. You can’t finish what you never start. Sounds obvious, but in the day to day hustle of life, it’s not.

^Vision matters.

Love the goal. Are you willing to risk a lot and work a lot to accomplish it? Do you just want it, or are you willing to commit to it?

^Motivation matters.

Find the steps. Hundreds of tiny steps separate dreams from goals. Figure out what the steps are to actually accomplishing the goal.

^Process matters.

Eliminate steps. Most steps aren’t required. Dump them. There are two ways to tackle each step. Elimination is the one we forget.

^Productivity matters.

Do the remaining steps. This is the second way to tackle each step, the one we always remember but seldom actually do. Take ’em one at a time.

^Action matters.