How should I learn to become the most marriable man?

In general, I think there are three basic ways to learn:

  1. Learn through my own experience
  2. Learn by watching others
  3. Learn by listening to others

My own experience on marriableness is limited. Still, I’ve been given compliments and criticism enough to get some ideas.

The second one gets weird. I mean, how marriable are my friends or the people I know and can watch? Some of them are marriable (or were), but that doesn’t mean they’re anywhere near being most marriable, which is where I want to be. So even this one is skewed. It’s still a matter of picking those who I think are very marriable (or were).

The last one seems the best to me. Follow people who can give the advice, the people who know what “most marriable” looks like. Of course, that’s probably going to lead back to some of #2 (looking at experience). We’ll see.

The specifics get crazier. Am I supposed to read a book about this? Take a class? Just experiment? Get a mentor? It’s a challenge really.

So I’d like to ask you what you would do. How should I become the most marriable person? I don’t mean the specific steps necessarily (though I’m certainly open to that as well). I mean more the steps to learn how to learn it on my own.

Like they always say, you can buy a man a salmon…