How often do you dream?

They say we dream every night. Sometimes we remember the dreams. Most times we don’t.

Some of my friends say they can remember most of their dreams. They remember dreaming a new dream each night. They wake up each morning with a fresh dream in mind.

I don’t. Not only do I not remember my dreams, I don’t even remember dreaming. I guess I sleep pretty soundly, a blessing. Sometimes, though, I wish I could remember my dreams better.

Like this morning, I slept in. Whenever I sleep in late, I have a better chance of dreaming and remembering my dream. I sleep lighter in the last hour or so of sleeping in late. So this morning, I remembered.

I like that feeling.

When I wake up with a dream, I feel like I’m living a longer life. I feel like even though I wasn’t conscious, not really anyway, I got to experience something I otherwise would have missed.

That’s why I often wish I could dream more and remember the dreams. But it’s okay. I’m not sure I’m willing to trade sound sleep for daily dreams.

What about you? Do you make that trade? How often do you dream? And how often do you remember?