How NOT to introduce the pastor in a dream

Last night, I dreamed that my dad asked me to introduce him at church one Sunday. If you know him (or me) very well, then you know he’s a pastor but never has anyone introduce him on a Sunday morning. Why this time? Weird, right?

Anyway, this particular morning, we had lots of new faces at church, people I’d never seen or met before in my life. And I guess my dad was going to talk about how God made the earth… you know, the whole creation/evolution thing.

So I get up there…

Oh wait, before I get up there, I’m playing drums in the worship service. After worship, I get off stage and then decide to put on some shoes or something. Evidently, I wasn’t wearing shoes while playing drums. Weird, right?

Anyway, I’m in the middle of putting on my shoes when my dad starts beckoning me to introduce him. He’s looking like he wants me to stop what I’m doing to hurry up with the introduction.

So I head straight to the main microphone, get up there on stage, and start introducing him.

“Okay, well… um, I’m not sure why, but my dad wanted me to introduce him this morning.” These are literally the words coming out of my mouth in this dream, and I can’t do anything to stop them. “So… yeah, I don’t really know what to say. As you can see, I was still in the middle of getting my shoes on.”

At that, I look down and notice for the first time, at least to me in the dream, that I have these long, white socks pulled up to just below my knees. And since I was trying to get those crazy socks on, I had my pants rolled up above my knees.

“So, hmm… I don’t really know what to say. I’ll just introduce him: here’s Pastor Rocky Jones Jr. No, wait… that’s me. No… never mind.”

I drop my eyelids halfway and my arms to my sides. I turn. I leave the stage.

Weird, right?

Anyway, I woke up immediately after that.