How I’m flexible with life

Walking to work in the rain reminded me of part of the reason I think I’m flexible. This doesn’t tell the whole story, but part of it at least, a significant part of it, comes down to being able to give up… and be okay with it.

When I started down the road, I considered hailing a cab. I also could have caught a bus, but that might have taken longer because I’d have to go out of my way to get to the bus stop. I decided against both those options, though, in favor of just walking.

I wear Chuck’s, as you might remember (actually, they’re fake Chuck’s from Walmart that I got for $5). And as you probably know, Chuck’s aren’t the greatest rain shoes.

Beyond my shoes and socks, by the time I made it to work, my pants too were pretty well soaked up to my knees. I squeaked for the rest of the day.

And that’s okay. I didn’t plan my day like that, but I gave up and let it happen, even enjoying the journey.

Muslims have this saying in Arabic: Insha’Allah. Christians say something like it too in English – Lord willing – but it doesn’t seem to carry the same weight in western culture. I wish it did. I try to live like it does.

I enjoy the puddles. I enjoy the rain. I enjoy the chance to break out my ninja umbrella.